SOOOooOO I’ve been on hiatus/ playing mass effect 2-3 non stop includinng all DLCs.

So here is a rough Kasumi Goto unhooded.

Will post more art stuffs soonnnnnn, did an awesome mentorship with Anthony Jones


Also stuffed up my neck staring at a badly placed computer - look after your neckkkssssss

Hey there! You make amazing art! I just thought I'd let you know that it's "vive la revolution" in french, not viva. (I'm sorry if that's intended that way and I don't want to hate in any way, just thought i'd let you know!) Keep being awesome!

Oh my goodness, where were you severfal months ago! : P

Thanks heaps for correcting me and not letting me look silly - I’ve made the adjustment and thanked you here:

Thank you lovely! And I think that was the most polite correction I’ve ever received!

When I’m creating characters a couple of things go through my mind

- Can I tell read their story?
- what is their background? Why are they doing the thing they’re doing

I could have done a gender bent Arno, but I wanted something a bit more tailored to women and their issues during the french revolution. Hence the fish women stake, and the dress sihlouette which would have allowed her to blend better in female crowds (they wern’t allowed to wear pants!)

I think I’ll do a lucrative female templar next

I can’t wait for Assassins creed unity! I know there’s been some drama about female characters but I do believe ubisoft will do right by their fans. I thought I’d have a smashing time and create some female characters for fun! More coming soon.

This one is a lady in waiting for Marie Antoinette, not too happy with the details on her costume, but I really wanted to push her sihlouettes : )

Edit: Thanks Gamersbliss for letting me know that It’s Vive and not Viva! Updated and made some changes. Hopefully people don’t mind!

I’ve been having the best AC binge. How i love the storyline. I’ve actually not played liberation, but got to experience Aveline through her DLC and found her fantastic!

I have this thing for miranda kerr.

Inspired by this glorious black and white shoot she did

I can’t rhyme.


Hello Tumblr community!

We are Tea for Three Studios, and we’ll soon be releasing our game Regency Love.
An interactive story-telling experience set in the British Regency and made for the iPhone!
For more information pop over to our website or even follow us on twitter or facebook.

Meanwhile enjoy these gifs! The game itself doesn’t have the following animations, but we thought we’d animate some existing animation as a gif to you!

Stay tuned for more images leading to the release of the game in roughly 2 weeks!

P. S. We had to thoroughly desaturate our images to upload them, so please get the game and give those higher quality images a try!

P. P. S. Apologies if this comes up as a repost for some, we were having some account problems!


Hey guys!
My Seed posters (previous post) from Mike Mitchell’s SPACE! show are up for sale!

I’ve got 30 signed and numbered 18x22 in prints —I’m selling one framed and matted here and the rest of the prints are available here. They printed AWESOMELY.

The site says that 2 corners of each print are damaged— I was told they are only slightly dinged from travel, but that means you get 10% off regardless!

After the show is over, I’ll also be offering an open edition of Seed prints, unsigned, and much smaller in size, from inPRNT

I’m about to move TWICE this summer, so buying a print or sharing a link is much appreciated!

Quick colour study from a photo. Missing summer heaps!

Quick colour study from a photo. Missing summer heaps!


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